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What you can expect

The Inkerman Panels Difference!

One call does it all! (9525 3030)

Picture what can happen. You're involved in a accident at 8:00am on a Tuesday morning. You remember ‘One Call Does It All’  and call Inkerman Panels on our 24 hour customer care line. From then on, it's total peace of mind and hassle free all the way.


8:00am Accident occurs. Driver rings Inkerman Panels
8:15am If the car is driveable and roadworthy, the driver is instructed to drive to Inkerman Panels in St. Kilda. If the car is undriveable, Inkerman Panels can assist with towing arrangements any time of the day or night.
9:00am At Inkerman Panels, client phones insurer to lodge a claim and obtains a claim number, generally no paper work is required. Inkerman Panels will take care of the rest.
9:30am Inkerman Panels internal assessors prepare an estimate and take digital images of the damage.
10:30am Inkerman Panels emails estimate and images to Insurer
12 noon Receives authority for the commencement of repairs.


Now that's the Inkerman Panels Difference!

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